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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

Ooh, then I take it back. She photographs well, but I was very unimpressed by her in what I saw of Samurai Girl. She's nowhere near the ballpark personality-wise..
I guess that's why they call them actors.

Naw...seriously, I was going more for looks and such.

I didn't have a specific actress or person in mind at the time. But my brief to other authors on how to write for T'Ryssa is "Pretend that Joss Whedon is writing her." And as discussed in the pinned casting thread, I've recently noticed that Knight Rider's Smith Cho is a good candidate for T'Ryssa, albeit too short and somewhat too ditzy.
Smith Cho is okay...but she does come across as kinda ditzy, as you said. Plus she doesn't really strike me as being able to wear the uniform. Its hard to describe...but I thibnk you know what I mean.

I guess Jamie Chung is T'Ryssa in my own imagination (and fan fics.)

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