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Re: Superman 2-Donner cut

Despite the flaws in Lester's film, it's still better than Donner's cut.

There's nothing wrong, for instance, with the beginning Eiffel Tower action scene; it's a riveting, effective action opener and there's no reason why it shouldn't be in there. Donner basically uses the end of part I as a large part of the first act of II. It just feels redundant and is no way to start a movie.

There's also nothing wrong with Lester's scenes at Niagara Falls. They help build up the romantic tension a bit more and make their later love scenes seem more credible. As lame as it is, I prefer Clark tripping into the fire and subconsciously revealing himself as Superman.

The Fortress of Solitude climax was also superior in the first film, even despite the lame cellophane wrap attack and teleporting. The kissing amnesia scene, though it makes no sense, revealed Lois's anguish a lot better than the new one.

I only wish they had used the Marlon Brando footage for the original. That was a major improvement in the Donner cut.
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