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Superman 2-Donner cut

So I got this on BLURAY last night and watched it. It was good in partsan 2. I always felt the terrorist scene (Eifle tower) was hokey. But I do have some issues..especially with the end of the movie...

1.The turning back time bit was a bit gimmickry since they did it in superman one. Unless, for all we know, the turning back of time in Superman was a change in that movie as well..

2. And if he did indeed turn back SUPERMAN 2, all the way back to before zod and the others escaped the phantom zone, then why have the scene where Clark has a rematch with the truck driver at the diner? Clark's getting beat up could only have happened if most of the events in the movie happened....
So..IMO, the ending isn't sense to it.

I did like the additional Jorel scenes, and his giving Kal his power. But, again, if the time line was pushed back before any of it really happened, then it cheapens the sacrafice Jorel made...

So...Donner cut is good, but has a bunch of holes in it.

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