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Re: HEROES 3x06 "Dying of the Light" Discuss and Grade

Yeah Claire or Hayden CANNOT do badass. They just keep trying with her but they keep on failing miserably. Its gotta be hard to do Badass when they keep making her cry (or almost cry) whenever she gets into a little trouble. Those two dont mix well. Just give it up. Maybe they should introduce her to her Grandpa...and hopefully he asks her for a hug...
And De-Powered Peter is awesome. Now maybe they can have other powered people keep coming by his cell every other day and beating the shit out of him. Thats the only way I want to keep seeing blockhead...I mean Peter.
And Please introduce Mohinder to Mr. Petrelli. Please? And make him ask for a hug..
But I did get one of my wishes. At least maya wasnt wearing yet another designer/brand new getup. I like what she is wearing right now. It suits her.

And I just noticed that they dont seem to be doing the super-imposing of the titles into the intros anymore. I kinda miss that...
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