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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

Happy Birthday, Bela.

I might have something similar to that Robert E Howard book from a small publisher; I'll have to check.

Well, I finished Return Of The Wolf Man today; I think it took me as long to read the last 50 pages as it did the rest. It was very good, and it was sad to see that "To be continued...." on the last page, knowing that it's not to be.

It did seem to get less and less like a Universal movie as it went on; the end sequence, with its blood and violence and high body count, seemed more like a Stephen King homage (although I did picture the fight between the Wolf Man and Dracula, and the Wolf Man and the zombies, as drawn by Mike Ploog). The run-down plantation setting helped keep the retro feeling alive somewhat, though. And Talbot's death by blade, resurrection and second death by bludgeoning raised a few questions about why he tends to stay dead after being clobbered, but pops up immediately when a sharp object is removed from him.

Part of it was also the length. The movies were less than two hours, some just over an hour, and one was actually two stories spliced together, which created a certain cadence to the overall ambiance. That's one reason I would have done a project like this as an anthology. Still, it captured the character of Larry Talbot very well and set up a new situation that could have easily been continued; maybe someday it will....
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