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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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I visualize the Caeliar as a cross between the Genoshans from Episode II and those aliens from The Abyss.
Do you mean the Geonosians? Genosha is an island country from X-Men comics.

I, also, am at a loss as to when B'Ellana leaves Tom. Did she leave him to go into hiding to protect Miral?
This will be explained in Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer.

Also...when the heck is Voyager in space again? Wasn't that ship turned into a museum?
I don't recall that happening. Maybe it did in the Shatnerverse, but not in the main novel continuity. Voyager went back into active service in the Spirit Walk duology, with Chakotay as her captain.

The Anime Sex Kitten T'Ryssa Chen only has one line in this book and it doesn't involve her thinking about recreational sexual intercourse, having recreational sexual intercourse, or simply being with no clothes on, yet she still manages to irritate Picard.
I'm not sure whether to take "Anime Sex Kitten" as a compliment or not...

OH...BTW... here is how I visualize T'Ryssa Chen.
Hmm... in the ballpark. Who is she?
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