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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

Well...I have 1/5 of the book to finish, and I want to do it at one sitting, but let me make my comments and questions:

I like the way the chapters are broken up into the year it takes place in, and the only thing I would have added was, say the ship's name, current stardate, and location as a preamble before going into what was happening on the Enterprise, Titan, give it more of a "Hunt for Red October" sorta feel. (But that's just me, I'm sure.)

I visualize the Caeliar as a cross between the Genoshans from Episode II and those aliens from The Abyss.

I, also, am at a loss as to when B'Ellana leaves Tom. Did she leave him to go into hiding to protect Miral? Also...when the heck is Voyager in space again? Wasn't that ship turned into a museum?

I like how the Excalibur was mentioned but not being part of the story cross over. I found myself mentally noting where the ships of my own fan fics would be during this storyline as well.

I wonder if a frustrated Riker will seek some "console" from Vale. There was a hint that he was thinking that.

The Anime Sex Kitten T'Ryssa Chen only has one line in this book and it doesn't involve her thinking about recreational sexual intercourse, having recreational sexual intercourse, or simply being with no clothes on, yet she still manages to irritate Picard.

I accidently flipped to the back of the book and notice the Appendix section. Why the HELL isn't THAT in the BEGINNING of the book??

All in of the better Trek Novels I have read in a LONG time and I look forward to the next three stories!

OH...BTW... here is how I visualize T'Ryssa Chen.
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