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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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It can't be that hard, to google some common german insults, can it?
Harder than you think, actually. At least, it was when the book was written. Sorry that threw you out the narrative.
Warning: VERY vulgar words in there. Enter at your own risk.

Took me about 20 seconds. Don't know how old that page is, though.

This is actually covered in the first chapter of the book. Ezri was appointed Captain after the original Captain, and First Officer were killed in a battle with Borg. Aftewards, she was given command and brought Bowers and Leishman on board to replace the XO, and the Cheif Engineer who was also killed. I'm suprised so many people missed that.
I didn't miss it. But we still don't know how or why she ended up on the Aventine in the first place.

Googling is easy. Knowing how they're going to sound to a living, breathing native speaker is more difficult.
Which is why I didn't complain, that it was inappropriate in the given Situattion (which it actually was ).

But enough of that. For most people, this is a non-issue anyway, since they're not native German speakers.
Don't want to derail the discussion.
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