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Re: True Blood 1x7 "Burning House of Love" - Spoilers

SeamusShameless wrote: View Post
I kinda like Jason's new V-head girlfriend.
I finally figured out where I know her. She was Kat, Jason Ritter's on-off girlfriend on the CBS series "The Class."

The Tara's mom/demon story is getting interesting.
That new demon-chaser or whatever the hell she is .. something's up with her, I have a feeling she's going to try going after Tara for something. Just not sure what yet. (new storyline, not from the books)

I highly doubt Bill's dead.
Well, he is, when you think about it. But gone? Naw. In the previews, we saw where he was hiding (when the ground starts to open up a hole there by Sookie ... Bill slept underground).

And what the fuck was with Bill running naked through the park?
Sam was running naked. And while there is an official explanation, which we've already caught part of through previous threads, I think they just wanted to give that to me specifically, as a gift.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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