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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

Finished the book last night. I didn't find it as gripping as Warpath, which was one of the two other Mack-Stories I've read and my personal favorite. I guess thats because of GoN mainly being setup und being divided into four different plots that converge only at the end of the book.

Nevertheless it was still an entertaining, good read.

Having not read any novels of the TNG-relaunch, it was great to see Picard & Crew back in Action. A lot has changed since Nemesis, character- and crew-wise, and I found it well written and intriguing. This part really succeeds in creating a feeling of tension, dread and hopelessness.

The Titan-plot was a bit underwhelming, partly because not much was happening (they found a strange star system, got knocked out of warp a bit and arrived at said star system and thats about it) and partly because the baby-issue was already very prominent in Sword of Damocles. While I realize that its important for the characters and I'm interested to see how it plays out, I hope it gets resolved soon one way or the other (hopefully in this trilogy). I can only take so much of a depressive captain and his wife before I stop enjoying the story. Maybe the Caeliar can help?
Afterall, since they are so concerned about preserving sentient life in their care, shouldn't it be against their laws to not help Deanna?

Over at the Gamma-Quadrant, I really didn't see the twist about the intruder coming, which was a nice touch. From the way it was described in the earlier chapters it seemed to be a very powerful and evil entity that would play a major part in this trilogy. For a moment, I even thought it was whoever sent that feedback pulse to Erigol, and that it had hitched a ride on Columbia during her journey through the subspace tunnel.
Was very surprised to see it turn out to be sort of a red hering. Ezri works well as a captain and I especially liked her banter with Bowers. I can't wait to read about how she got that post.

Although they reminded me a bit of Stargates Nox (what with the floating cities, Isolation, Pacifism and all), the Caeliar are a great addition to the pantheon of almost omnipotent Trek-species. I like that Hernandez plays such an important part in this story, as I always liked her appearances on ENT as well. The conflict between her and Foyle played out nicely, and I really didn't see it coming when Foyle had Thayer shot. Very interesting (and ruthless) choice of tactic, that made me hate him with a passion and admire his tactical skills both at the same time.
But like Baerbel, I had to laugh at the "Scheisskopf"-bit. I've honestly never heard that insult before, and I live in Germany. Insults like "Depp", "Idiot"(Yes, we use that too) or "Vollhonk" (quite popular among the youth nowadays) all mean the same thing and would have been much more fitting, imho.

Yes, I'm being quite nitpicky here. You can thank Marvel and DC for that. "Der Himmel Blutungen" my ass.
It can't be that hard, to google some common german insults, can it?

I'm btw on board with the poster who guessed, we might see the origin of the Borg here. Wouldn't be surprised, if Karl Graylock and the city he was on ended up somewhere in the Deltaquadrant.
If that turns out to be true, then Riker would have quite a point to convince the Caeliar to help the Federation. After all, it would be their fault the Borg exist.

I'll refrain from a final verdict until I 've read all three books. But its shaping up pretty nicely.

Looking forward to Mere Mortals.
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