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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

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I do however feel that anyone who enjoys the the depression, soap-opera shit that is 'Ron Moores' nu BSG probably won't enjoy the colorful aliens, fx, writing and humor in a tv series like Farscape.
And you would be wrong. I consider both pinnacles in science fiction TV,
Hear hear. The shows do completely different things, but that's a good thing! Just because I like shows set in space doesn't mean that I want everything else about them to be the same. Farscape is fun and emotional and wildly varied in tone and content. Its an absolutely thrilling ride that I am SO glad that they got away with making. Its the complete opposite of Battlestar in every way apart from its kind of an action show set in space.

Firefly, at the end of the day, isn't really like either of them. It has a lot of humour, but its different, quieter, humour than Farscape. It has a certain amount of drama, but it doesn't get to explore it in the same way as BSG, partly because of the low episode count and partly because the situation and characters are very different. It has action, good action, but not in every episode, and Serenity isn't armed so space battle don't really happen until the film.

Its best just to try these things and see if they grab you. I know everyone has said that, but it really is true.
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