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Re: So... Is that it for hopes of remastered TNG?

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You know... I just don't get this attitude that these shows are not viewable at HD resolutions. I own a 720p set and both an HD-DVD player (HD-A3) and the Sony Playstation 3. These shows look fine when upscaled to the 720p resolution over HDMI.
But that's the thing: When you watch TNG (or DS9 or Voyager) like that, you aren't actually viewing the show *in native HD*. Just upconverted standard-def programming. There is a difference. Upconversion does not mean HD.
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Take your 720p set, for example, and watch a TV channel that is standard def, i.e. not HD. You are still watching something that's upconverted (if it wasn't, it'd be in a little box in the middle of the screen surrounded by black).

This is why 'upconverting DVD players' are a bullshit marketing gimmick. ALL HDTVs upconvert (for exactly the reason I just gave). And most of them have upscalers that are better than any upconverting DVD player could hope to have.
Let's take a show like Divorce Court which plays on WXIX-TV here in Cincinnati. Obviously, the show has been recorded in 480i. The show is still simulcast over the WXIX-DT station (not replaced with HD programming). Now Divorce Court looks a hell of a lot better on the later and comes to my set as a 720p digital transmission (the upconversion is done before the program ever reaches my set). The same can be done for any show that was done in the pre-HD era.


Take two DVD players hook them both to your HD set. Take one and use the HDMI (720p/1080i/1080p) port and take the other and hook it up using the composite (yellow) video cable. Now watch a snippet of any DVD using both (all DVD's are mastered at 480i). Tell me that there isn't a world of difference... not only in detail and sharpness of image but in depth of color.


Upconversion/progressive scan is something depending on type of set, quality of set and quality of input signal. LCD is something known as a progressive fixed pixel display (1366x768) every image is displayed at that resolution no matter what. Some sets do the upconversion better than others, best way to tell is to set you DVD player to 480i and compare the image to when it's set at a higher resolution.
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