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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

Copyrights and fandom, and Star Trek fandom in particular, have a long and storied history. Most fan websites infringe the copyrights of the holders of those rights, with the enormous amount of material such as screen captures, audio and video clips - even avatars frequently infringe copyrights. It's not a matter of whether the infringing material is sold or given away, by the letter of the law, most use of copyrighted material could be considered infringing, even that which is defended by the fair use clause - copyright holders are not unknown in defining "fair use" in whatever terms is most beneficial to themselves and their profits. And yet, the symbiotic relationship of creators and fandom continues, one side offering up intellectual property for consumption, and the other side often incorporating that property into forms and functions that both serve their own ends and create positive feedback for the IP owners, providing incentive (usually financial) to them to create more IP. While this is no legal justification for copyright infringement, it is a recognized phenomenon which, under tacit rules, continues, often to the benefit of all involved.

This thread is not a forum for legal arguments; it is merely a resource for fans seeking out another fan-related resource that might be beneficial to their pursuit of the facts and fiction of Star Trek's art and technology. This site is neither responsible for that site's content nor its legal standing; however, since it appears that the site's owner has worked with the owners of the material which is posted, and limited the exposure of licensed material, I see no reason not to allow it to be linked from this board. Anyone who feels there is a legitimate complaint to be made should do so in the appropriate venue, which is not this board. Thanks for your input and your compliance with this request.
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