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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

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I hated both Farscape and Firefly. If you dislike Farsape then I doubt Firefly will interest you.
Not necessarily. I never developed a fondness for Farscape (nor a dislike for that matter; it just never grabbed me, despite the best efforts of Samuel T. Cogley ), but Firefly was a favorite of mine from the very first episode, and only got better from there. Frankly, I don't see a lot of similarities between the shows, as far as characters, tone or writing go, so I see no reason for an opinion of one to affect that of the other in any way.

Justtoyourleft wrote: View Post
Ok, has anyone got the ratings for Farscape and Firefly handy? I feel the need to better assess their respective quality. I haven't done this properly in the past and ended up watching crap without actually realizing it. That can be nuisance, I can tell you...
If you watched "crap" without realizing it, then perhaps it wasn't crap in the first place, and you'd only be told that by friends/peers/strangers. And it's pretty common knowledge that ratings are probably the least relevant meter for determining a show's quality, or else we wouldn't be inundated by 'crap' like The Bachelor and other mindless 'reality' programming.
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