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Re: The Best of Both Worlds, Part One

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I consider The Best of Both Worlds Part I to be the best of the Next Generation episodes. It was really the high point of the series and set the standard for all subsequent episodes of TNG, as well as, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I don't think Star Trek ever quite hit the level of this episode again.
Nah, DS9 beat BOBW on several occasions. Call to Arms was a real cliffhanger - for starters, they didn't go immediately for the reset button in Part II - and In the Pale Moonlight even beats the best of TOS.

And for my money, they could have dumped ole granny Picard at any time. Not to replace him with that pompous fatass Riker, tho. Dang TNG and its paucity of good characters...Data and Worf can't carry the whole show.
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