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Re: So... Is that it for hopes of remastered TNG?

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I hated the four-foot filming miniature of the Enterprise-D. Every shot featuring that bulked-up, over-textured model screams, "Toy!"

I think it would be fun to see the ship shots renovated to use something that more closely resembled the six-footer.

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there are a few shots, certain scenes where i think new effects could help. but overall TNG is fine as is.
It is fine alright.
Just not presentable in HD.
You know... I just don't get this attitude that these shows are not viewable at HD resolutions. I own a 720p set and both an HD-DVD player (HD-A3) and the Sony Playstation 3. These shows look fine when upscaled to the 720p resolution over HDMI. There are some matte shots that don't quite work (Picard standing in front of the main viewscreen during 'Lonely Among Us'.), but these are definitely the exception.

I honestly don't think that I would shell out the cash for another twenty-one seasons of 24th century Trek for a few updated effects shots. As a matter of fact I think my Trek buying list for HD would be rather short:

1. Star Trek Season 1 on Blu-Ray
2. Star Trek Season 2 on Blu-Ray
3. Star Trek Season 3 on Blu-Ray
4. The Motion Picture on Blu-Ray
5. Star Trek (2009) on Blu-Ray

Plus II, III, VI and Star Trek: Enterprise as the prices come down.

The only reason I didn't get ST Season 1 on HD-DVD was it was already dying format by the time the set was released.
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