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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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I have a dumb question that was probably answered in a book or the series... but how many planets were affected by the Dominion's attempted destruction of Cardassia? They fell back to Cardassian space... but wouldn't most of the available ships and troops be in the air fighting? I thought that Garak and co. were on Cardassia prime at the time- so how many planets were affected?
It has been referred to in passing. In Demons of Air & Darkness (and others) it was stated that Cardassia's remaining fleet was rather pitifully small (barely over a dozen operating Galor-class ships if I recall, many of which were running in states of disrepair).

And in Fearful Symmetry, there are scenes of the Jem'Hadar attacking and slaughtering everyone at a prison facility housed on one of the moons of Cardassia Prime, thus implying that the destruction and bombardment happened within the entire Cardassian home system, but perhaps only that system.
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