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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

Well, given my opinon on "Star Trek," the reboot, I really don't care for the notion of any new series based on that movie.

Having said that, it always seemed to me that Insurrection, which many people said felt more like a 2-part TNG episode than a real movie might have been better considered as a pilot.

The notion of a rift within the federation and perhaps even a federation civil war always seemed like an interesting way to go.

Might give some of the characters from the TNG-era shows a chance to follow up, or at least do some cameos.

Might also be interresting if the "bad" side of the federation were to infiltrate the good side using some of the mirror universe versions we saw so much of during DS9.

Beyond that, like I said, nothing based on the movie, and, as others have said, lay off of the time travel.
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