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Re: Formula 1 - Vroom Vroom! 2008 Season Discussion

Qualifying for the Chinese GP, and Hamilton sticks his McLaren on Pole again! Massa a wee bit off in 3rd, and Kubica had a disaster, not getting out of Q2 and ending up 11th.
Kimi looking on-it again this week, 2nd for him, and he pushed Lewis hard. Alonso a great 4th, and Kovalainen a dissapointing 5th. Also poor displays by the other two Brits, both Botton & Couthard never made it out of Q1.

Lewis is stunning in Qualifying. He reminds me of the great Mika Hakkinen, Mika could alway pull a perfect lap out of the bag right at the death, giving Schumacher, Coulthard, Irvine, and Barrichello no chance to respond back in the late 90s/early 00s. Lewis has the same thing going, he seems to dial the car in all session, then right on cue with his last run, BOOM! He sticks it on Pole with Kimi, Massa, & Kova left reeling!

Well, its advantage Hamilton for tomorrow, with Massa on the back foot and Kubica needing divine intervention! Once again, I belive the teamates could swing it in the race, Kimi is well placed to help Massa, while Kova still looks out of his depth. This could swing it back Massa's way. And look out For Alonso, he has been mouthing off in the Spanish press about helping Massa, he could be the Joker in the pack.
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