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Re: Borg or Dominion??

The BORG by far, they had their transwarp hub, they could be anywhere in the Galaxy within seconds. The only defense the Dominion could have would be The Founders/Shapeshifters infiltrating a Cube and doing damage that way. This is no small treat, however, in the long run. I believe that the BORG would overcome the Dominion. Just look what happened at WOLF-359.

At times they have almost been defeated by species 8472 with Voyagers help, however, the BORG are a very resilient foe, espically with the Queen seeing and hearing all within the collective. And having the ability to respond in seconds to any threat anywhere within the collective is a pretty compelling argument for the total BORG victory.

The Founders better just stay put in the Omarion Nebula with the Vorta and Jem-Hadar and hope the the BORG never pay them a visit...

Resistance is Futile
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