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Star Trek is good at many things, but sex does NOT immediately spring to mind. Do we really want the dreaded Romance of the Week format, but with more skin, in lieu of the kinds of episodes we actually like?

Think about the best episodes of Star Trek - they have as little to do with sex as possible and in the few cases where they do (Amok Time), a sex scene would add nothing (unless it's K/S, but we shouldn't go there).

I'd be happy to go the other way and mandate that sex be eradicated from Star Trek altogether, so we can get more of the good stuff. If we want sexy Trek, that's what fanfic is for (not to mention certain cleverly edited, if disturbing, YouTube videos). We don't need to waste screentime on Sex Trek when there's a whole Internet full of it.
In the case of Seven of Nine and T'Pol, part of the problem was was that they were two characters that theoretically should have been the least sexiest members of their respective crews, and yet they were inexplicably paraded around in sexy costumes that was contradictory to their nature and culture
Yeah that's a different issue - that's stupidity, and stupidity is never sexy, it's just annoying. It's possible to combine sci fi and sex in a non-stupid way, not just in fanfic/YouTube but occasionally on a show like Farscape. But the sensibilities of that show were very un-Trekkian and I don't think it would make any sense to try to change Star Trek to fit the Farscape way of doing things. It would be much preferable to have another Farscape-style series back on TV that has nothing to do with Star Trek.

Or, to frame it in terms of Rob's original post, people don't watch The Sopranos, Dexter, Oz, The Wire, or any of the other shows because they had profanity, sex, and violence.
I've noticed Dexter in particular has sex scenes only when the plotline requires them, and to the degree of explicitness that the plotline requires. That is the complete opposite of the catsuit approach, where the very characters who'd be least likely to dress in a catsuit get shoved into them. It's an issue of integrity. I have far more respect for Dexter's extremely explicit sex scenes and none at all for Barbie of Borg's attire.

Anyways, Trek might be a good fit for the new Viacom network... but they need to focus on finding some talent to put behind the lens before they worry about putting someone's... errr... 'talents' in front of the lens.
With all the problems Star Trek has, sex is the least of it. Let's concentrate on getting the basics right first. (And I'm skeptical that sex will ever be a good fit for Star Trek. The franchise will always need to have a certain puritanism about it, just to maintain its traditional tone. Let other shows be Farscape redux.)

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