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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

Just a friendly word of advice to you guys, replying in this thread is kind pointless since I can't read a lot of your posts but let's continue this nonsense for a sec

(just to clear this up a little more : these blocked posts I refer to are the posts from the bsg-fanatics aka David Eick bootlickers)

Half of you battlestar guys are on my block list from the days I took part in the nuBSG forum, I would write a critical reviews after the show went to shit in S3, sometimes I would say Trek/Firefly/Farscape etc were 10 times better than BSG and suddenly my inbox used to get spammed with trollish posts from a certain group of hardcore Ron Moore bootlickers. Mr Justtoyourleft avoided the block list because he actually had something interesting to say and he was a lot more civil than the usual BSG trolls. I do however feel that anyone who enjoys the the depression, soap-opera shit that is 'Ron Moores' nu BSG probably won't enjoy the colorful aliens, fx, writing and humor in a tv series like Farscape.

Firefly is probably somewhere in between the two, its got the quality, sharp writing and humor in a series like Farscape but its probably got enough emo drama and angst to keep the average BSG fan interested. Firefly is probably of better quality than Farscape but its only 14 episodes and completely jumps the shark during the Serenity movie
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