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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

I like to see the next series take place in the late 24th century (post Nemesis) to finish off the rest of the century (not just the 6th series but also the 7th series too) and then have the newer series be in the start of the 25th century and onward.

It would be nice to see a Enterprise B series to fill in the 70 years gap (The B series would have to be like 2323 to 2329 or 2324 to 2330..although, we don't know when it was decomissioned or destroyed so that might change lol ) and also a Enterprise C series (Although, we don't know excatly when the C was commisioned but at least we know that the Ambassador Class ships came in the 2330's). I also thought of a Stargazer series (somewhere between 2333 and 2355).

I like to see a Nebula Class series in the mid-late 2350's (since the Nebula Class ships were commisioned around then) and I'm sure many of us like to see that.
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