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...'Course, if you are going to manipulate the flight paths of gas molecules, why not manipulate them so that the desired percentage flies into your collector and the desired percentage misses the ship? One and the same device might be the economical way of doing that.

If the upper protrusion of the Kelvin is just a stubby pod and not an elongated nacelle, we might argue that this is the "canonical" take on Hermes and Saladin classes (as the shape roughly matches the fuzzy silhouettes we saw on the displays of the TOS movie bridges, much like the movie display versions of NCC-1701 are fuzzy matches for the real thing), and that NCC-514 just received a big dorsal sensor pod at some point of her service life, along with a name change from the martial Rahman to the scientific Kelvin plus the additional letter O to specify an Observation role.

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