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By the way, is some sort of deflector mounted centerline on the front of a nacelle such a horrible thought? We know trek def dishes have been portrayed as multi-function devices before. Couldn't doubling up a dish/scoop be an option when ship design requires frontal area be kept to a minimum, for what ever reason?
How can the same instrument both deflect interstellar matter and suck it up at the same time?
I suppose I was thinking of using the deflector to repel/ionize interstellar matter/gas with a collector of suitable geometry (heck, probably still a dome) mounted directly behind it, drawing ionized gas in laterally around the plume of cleared space directly in the ship's path. When you consider that the collection area involved here could be on the order of many km in diameter (hundreds, thousands?), would the usual def dish/ram scoop forward angle offset of a few dozen metres be a considerably different situation?

The other option is a dual mode device which wouldn't perform deflection and collection operations concurrently, however in saying that, I've always wondered about a single ram scoop unit that would both ionize and collect gas and assumed that the deflector might be providing the ionizing radiation that made the collection cycle work in any case.

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