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Re: If not MAN TRAP..then what

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"The Corbomite Maneuver" was wrapped and in post but not in the can at the time the series premiered.
Cool..then by your account what episodes were 'in the can' other than MAN TRAP..or was that it? Because Shatner, Nimoy and Roddenberry have all stated it was a bad 'choice' to go with it...
I don't have to go by my account, I'll go by the documentation. According to Inside Star Trek, in order to sell the strange new worlds concept, the only real choices for the premier episode were thought to be "The Man Trap" and "The Naked Time". WNMHGB was considered too expository. "Mudd's Women" was out of the running because "the opening-night critics would have had a field day with...'space hookers...'" "Charlie X" was too gentle, and "The Enemy Within" lacked the scope of the series premise. Justman wrote, "I later realized NBC was right."
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