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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

I'm making a belated intro... I think I just hit my 50th post... tho to many it may seem like 50 million. :P

I really like DS9, the Jem'Hadar are awesome... and I really can't stop talking about them. I tried! I really did, for a whole year or two once I did pretty good! Then Fearful Symmetry came out... sorry everyone!!

On topic... I have mixed feelings about ST11... it'll be nice to see an ST film on the big screen, maybe seen revitalized interest if they handle it right. But there is all that other stuff, the messages back and forth between Shatner and Abrams etc. etc., and worry about changing canon, and unpleasantness... I just hope by the end its something we aren't sick of by time it comes out and that it works for all the different types of fans.
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