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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Hi. For some of you, I don't need an introduction. I've been on the board just a little over 3 weeks and I try to resist having a Cleo the kitten attitude. I introduced myself in Voyager and Enterprise so after that I guess I overlooked this thread, when I began coming to Miscellaneous. But each subforum has its specific crowd. So hello, miscellaneous gals and guys. I'm beginning to feel comfortable in this particular section and to favour it.

I joined the Trek BBS because I... found it accidentally and was a ST fan. I like practically all science fiction* and I have a thing for superheroes, too. I became a member before I'd read around. Reading only would have quickly been frustrating.

I'm not posting a photo of me until as many guys do it as girls. But if I do it, it'll be here. (In fact, I'm refraining from vanity. )

See you when I see you all.

*edit: among what's good enough to make it across the Atlantic
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out (vid)

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