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Re: So... Is that it for hopes of remastered TNG?

Is there anything new there?

It's been known since TOS-R started that to do the same for TNG would require essentially all of the editing (which was also done on 480i video, not film) and visual post-production work to be redone, from the space effects to the phaser blasts to the science station screens (and the sound post-production too, if they wanted a 5.1 mix).

Given this huge amount of work, far greater than TOS-R (where they used edited prints and just spliced in/overlaid the new effects) AND the far greater number of episodes (176 vs. 80), it would cost a LOT more to do the same for TNG, and it's arguable whether they'd make the cash back in the length of time that "suits" tend to think in.

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I hated the four-foot filming miniature of the Enterprise-D. Every shot featuring that bulked-up, over-textured model screams, "Toy!"

I think it would be fun to see the ship shots renovated to use something that more closely resembled the six-footer.
If whoever did it had it available to them, they'd almost certainly use the CGI model created for These Were The Voyages... for cost reasons.

And wasn't one of the problems with the 6ft model that it left no place for Ten Forward (which is meant to be the furthest forward point on the ship, at the very front of the saucer; and wasn't invented until S2)?
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