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Re: Gretchen Mol: Genre babe of the week #42 (Oct. 2008)

More hints for the next GBOW:

"I just want to kill myself I'm gonna go upstairs and eat a whole bowl of peanuts. ... I'm allergic to peanuts. ... You dont know anything about me!"
"Who was that guy?"

"Please go out with me. I'm just trying to make Neil jealous. I promise I'll pay and everything."
"Yeah...uhh...that sounds cool but I'm gonna be in the hospital that night."
(shoots himself in the stomach with a nail gun)

"A pink baby-tee that says 'Little Slut.' That seems pretty hip."
"I don't know if that's really me, Mom."
"Well, they've got one that says 'Porn Star' and another that says 'Sperm Dumpster.' And they're all written in glitter."
"All right, all right. Give me 'Sperm Dumpster.'"
"That's the spirit!"

"I like him, he remembers my name!"
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