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Re: After BSG, B5, Firefly & Ds9... what's left?

Quoting some of the shows I liked, but unfortunately I haven't seen all episodes of these

Here's the ones I agree with ranked by imdb rating

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Twin Peaks - Twin Peaks is only marginally sci-fi, so be warned, it is a genre blender. It takes a few episodes for the sci-fi fantasy element to even make itself prominent. However, I think you'd like it as it is heavy serialized week to weeks. It's one of the strangest and most mysterious shows I've ever seen. fanatastic.
IMDB rating 9.5

THE CHAMP !! according to imdb


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The Prisoner

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I thought I would hate this as another buffy/angel but the horror, fx elements are cool, its got great actors, great story telling
imdb = 9.1

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New Dr. Who
New Who = 8.8

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you must see this

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I also loved Season 1 of 'Heroes'. It's very addictive. Season 2, not so much.
I agree 100% S1 = some of the best scifi tv, S2 = very meh
but considering the mess from the WGA strike and it still gets points for having our beloved Trek actors

Heroes imdb = 8.4

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Space Above & Beyond. Twenty-two episodes, disappointing end because it was cancelled and there was a cliffhanger, but it had good military SF action, and interesting characters. It sometimes got too broody, war-is-hell, and the effects don't stand the test of time, but it's worth owning.
imdb = 8.2

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Millennium (kind of sci-fi)
IMDB rating 8.2

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Charlie Jade
Great potential, canceled too soon

4400 looked interesting when it aired but I haven't seen enough episodes to comment

This one is also worth checking out

"Planetes" Japan tv show 2003-2004
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