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Re: Abrams On Shatner And 'Star Trek XI'

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I'm actually glad that the internet has made it possible for people to respond to this stuff instantly and directly, rather than reading some article where some guy with an agenda inserts his spin.
Agreed. Helps us, as fans, sort out the BS a whole lot quicker. At least, to the extent that we actually want to sort it out, anyway.

Abrams wanted to include Shatner, but didn't want to do it in a lame way. Not finding a way to do that, they never even ran the lame version by Shatner. Shatner felt left out, but also expressly stated that he didn't want to do a cameo. Listening to Shatner's and Abrams' comments, it is clear that the two men have a great deal of respect for one another. It's refreshing.
I think this goes back to what you were saying before, about being able to take comments multiple ways.

Shatner not wanting to do a cameo in no way implies that he WON'T do them. He's done numerous cameos in his lengthy career, including about a 1 minute skit on the SNL season opener. I suspect that if he'd actually been offered one he likely would have done it.

Unlike you, however, I don't believe Abrams ever really wanted Shatner in this movie. I think if he had, he would have found a way to make it work, without being lame.

For the record, while not including more of the originals is enough to keep me from going to see this movie, from the perspective of somebody doing a reboot, not wanting to include Shatner isn't necessarily a bad thing.

As I've said before, Shatner IS Kirk. You really can no more seperate William Shatner from what the character has become than Kirk from what Shatner has become. Both the character and the man have influenced each other along the way.

Pine wants to play Kirk differently. Fair enough. But, there's simply no way to do that with Shatner in the movie. William Shatner's acting style is such that it commands the attention of any scene he's in. Call it self centered and arrogant if you wish. But, it is what it is, and it's served Shatner well for a lengthy career that most actors can only dream of.

The question of how difficult it would be to integrate Shatner into this movie has more to do with Pine's range as an actor than anything. It becomes encumbant upon HIM to make it work, more than Shatner. Pine would need to find a way to do both, make the character his own will still paying homage to Shatner's version of the character.

I've not seen enough of Pine's work to have any clue as to whether or not he has that kind of range. I doubt Abrams has either. So, it's easier to eliminate the catalyst (Shatner) than it is to find somebody who can work within it.
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