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Not too many other places for the dish, though, I'd argue. Some fan single-nacellers have done this sort of thing - the Cochise/Amerind classes, for example. Might look jarring and unaesthetic, which is bad, but treknologically it still sort of meshes.

Perhaps the Kelvin isn't supposed to be a mighty capital ship like the Enterprise, not having been one even back in her heyday. Weaker ships might rely on a large number of peashooters, much like destroyers of old had lots and lots of barrels for five-inchers or lighter guns when the first true battleships made do with as few as four heavy barrels.

Or it might represent a generation change, with the Kelvin being a strong capital ship armed by a maximum number of the best guns of her day in "late 19th century" fashion, but the Enterprise sporting a radically new weapon type that provides the same firepower with fewer, stronger mounts in early "20th century" style.

...I do hope the guns of the Enterprise will be different! And I sort of believe this was the whole point of this, a dramatic choice that helps tell the two ships apart.

Timo Saloniemi
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