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Re: ST XI ships

Thumbs generally up for me, too. I didn't think I'd like an over-and-under nacelle design (I've never seen one I liked), but this one pulls it off. Well done.


The 0 in the registry IS a little odd. Why?

There seem to be too many turrets, and the weapons blasts, both outgoing and incoming, look very weak, but I'll wait to see a full-on battle scene before I pass ultimate judgment.

I don't like the fiery explosions and smoke in the zero-G vacuum of space.

The blue ramscoop/deflector on the upper nacelle coupled with the seemingly red one below is strange, but maybe there's a reason. Even if there's not, oh well. Its still a cool ship. I WILL be a little put off if it turns out to be a deflector dish on a nacelle, though. That's... odd.
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