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ST XI ships

Let's finally get this one rolling, shall we?

We've all probably already seen the USS Kelvin pics in the ST XI forum: this,

and the other one with the full bow view. Any first impressions, opinions, grudges, ideas?

The NCC-0514 thing is sorta weird: the only time Starfleet has put a zero in front of the rego before was NX-01 (plus the fake NX-01A or NX-01-A). Do we infer that the people who built the Kelvin were already sure there would be more than a thousand ships in service within her lifetime?

Of course, I personally heartily welcome this: I like to pretend that ST XI can still fit within the Trek continuity, and this one would even fit the classic fandom continuity. No overlap with the FJ destroyer NCC-514 here, not when this ship clearly is the observation vessel NCC-O514, with the TAS-style letter prefix...

Two nacelles, with a deflector on the bow of the upper one? Difficult to tell from that angle, but it looks reasonably cool and innovative, a good addition to the zoo. Very TMP'ish look (and that goes for the NCC-1701 interiors, too, only upgraded for the 1990s or so), but that's not too bad.

Lots and lots of pop-up cannon on the saucertop? Cool with me. Reputedly, they fire some sort of pulses; could be other than phasers unless the dialogue is specific. A connection to ENT, if one so wants.

The design, including the level of greeblies and blinkies is very much in line with everything done in televised and movie Treks so far. I claim that this is a good thing - the movie needs to connect visually.

Thumbs up for this baby, even if NCC-1701 turns out to be a disappointment.

Timo Saloniemi
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