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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

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I'm not a big fan of Buffy or Angel, Angel4576. I could never get into those somehow. But then I'm not that big a fan of fantasy really.
It doesn't matter if you like Buffy or Angel. I despise them, and love Firefly. The only similarities in my opinion are in the way the characters quip with one another, a quick, wry style of dialogue, which is a thin comparison to draw between such very different series. It seems that those who draw those comparisons generally really like or really dislike Joss Whedon and use it as a way of condemning or praising all of his work as a whole. Me, I don't care about him personally. I just happen to dislike his vampire shows and love the SF one.

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Concerning Farscape, one of the things that really put me off that show (among other things) was the type of aliens they had and the way they looked (yeah, I know if sound superficial but getting past that was always hard for me). Is that similar on Firefly? From the screen caps I've seen so far, I've only seen human players. Is that the way the entire show is?
There are no aliens in Firefly.

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Also, I'm not a big fan of anime either and unfortunately haven't seen the two you mention, Delsaber. So I can't really speak to that.
I don't know about the anime comparisons; I don't watch anime. It appears that they're generally referenced because of a western theme, though. Again, that's a thin comparison to draw, if you ask me. Firefly is often criticized because of it, but it makes sense when you think of it. Dumping a bunch of humans on a colony world is going to bring forth lifestyles similar to the western expansion of America. This isn't Star Trek, where every colonist has a phaser and a replicator at their disposal. They have to live off the land, far from the opulence of the core worlds. (Which are shown in the series, by the way.)

Give it a try.
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