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Re: True Blood 1x6 "Cold Ground"

This is a tough call for me.

I like the show enough to watch it, but it's not that great or one of my favorites.

Lafayette is probably my favorite character all-in-all, with Tara a close second.
Sookie is an okay character thus far.

Don't really care for Jason, he's a dumbshit.

I liked Gran's Character and I wasn't expecting her to die in the first season.

All-together, after watching the show, I'm a bit more interested in picking up the first Southern Vampire novel than I was before, which I guess is the goal of any Television adaptation of a Book Series.

I'm kind of disappointed that Lafayette doesn't play a similar role in the books as he has thus far in the TV Series.

Oh well, I really wish HBO or Showtime would pick up the "The Dresden Files" and make it again. Sci-Fi never had the money to realize that show on any particular level in similarity to the books, but then again, there's not as much sex in those stories to satisfy the amount of T&A the network usually requests.
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