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Re: I have read Titan #1, #2, & #3...reading #4

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Jaza tells Roakn they will "discuss" his behavior towards Dakal later. Whether that discussion ever happened is up to whichever authors ever use Roakn again. Jaza's treatment of Dakal throughout the rest of that scene is a direct response to Roakn's bad attitude. "I don't believe in dunsel."
I had come to expect that from Jaza given what I knew of him--but I was surprised none of the younger crew spoke up, that that whole team had just gone along with the dynamic people like Roakn had fostered, until Jaza intervened.

Well. Hsurri is a lovely person and the offer was culturally appropriate for her. Even if it was wrong for Dakal (at that moment), lots of humans deal with Death by celebrating Life in the best way they know how. For a lot of people that means sex. Again, I'm not endorsing or condemning that, only smashing the two opposites together to see what happens.

And, again, yes, Dakal is awesome cubed.
I don't doubt Hsurri's intentions were anything but the best. But it would be very easy (and make fewer waves) were I to have said that it wouldn't have bothered me to be approached that way were I in Dakal's position. One's visceral reactions really come out in a time of grief, and it is more honest of me to say there is the likelihood I would have had difficulty with it.
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