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Re: Abrams On Shatner And 'Star Trek XI'

As usually, I take this a different way.

Sorry, but Abrams is starting to sound like somebody running a political campaign rather than a movie director/producer.

Abrams: "We reached out to Shatner!"

Shatner: "Nobody reached out to me."

Abrams: "Well, when I say we reached out to you, I didn't mean literally. We did it... internally. Yeah, that's it. Internally. Didn't you feel it? We sure did."

The scene they wrote, which was good, it honestly felt like 'contrivance to insert William Shatner into our movie.' It just felt very much like what it was.
Come on, JJ. Grow a set, why don't ya. It felt that way because you never wanted him in the movie to begin with. I mean, come on. You, Orci and Kurtzman are all pretty talented and creative guys. Am I REALLY supposed to believe that you three labored and toiled over this and just simply couldn't find a way to make it work? That, if there were any humanly way possible to explain why a character who we saw die is now seen alive that you would have jumped at the opportunity?

It's a Star Trek movie! One involving time travel through multiple time periods, no less!

Sorry, but this, once again, is a CYA statement.

Either have the courage to admit you simply didn't WANT him in this movie (and, you may even have a good reason for that), or simply stop talking about it at all.
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