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Re: The "original" Ten-Forward

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When Andrew Probert was doing initial designs on the Galaxy class, he had envisioned differently what eventually became Ten-Forward (which he dislikes, because he feels it's not really proportional to the saucer).
Quite true. As you can see, the saucer rim is way too small to accommodate that ridiculous set. It is a bit hard for me to understand why Berman insisted on stuffing that room in there when I totally provided many sizable window alcoves alluding to places of large social gatherings: restaurants, lounges, etc.

Below, you can see the windows provided for an Officer's Lounge which would have been perfect for a '10-forward'-sized space...

... but Producer Bob Justman had that set of windows (and many others) divided into smaller window sets, like the resulting odd block of windows below the saucer's shuttle bay.

Frustrating? Indeed, but I'm not the only person whose designs were/are not understood by "those in charge".


PS: A good example of the actual blue & green panel coloring.
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