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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

I really like it so far-- of course, it will be the second half where the real action takes place, once he's got all the pieces in place. The best thing about the book is the characterization of Larry Talbot-- not only is the characterization itself perfect, but the very cadence of his speech and the physical descriptions that go along with it all are incredibly evocative of the films. I can really see this stuff happening as if it were a movie. And the writer has a real attention to detail, even when talking about Chick and Wilbur-- I loved his sidelong reference to A&C's later movies when he has the townspeople speculating about what happened to them; "some say they changed their names and joined the Foreign Legion."

The only two real nitpicks that I have so far are: 1) As I mentioned before, I think moving the action to "the present" wasn't the best idea, and 2) There was a rather amazing coincidence the night that Larry returned, one that really stretched credulity. Neither one is a big deal, though.
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