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Re: House: 5x04 "Birthmarks" - Discussion and Spoilers

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I'm glad that they didn't drag this Wilson/House reconciliation out much longer than they did. I could have dealt with a few more episodes, but pretty soon it'd get to be too much and extremely annoying.

Was the show itself longer or were the commercial breaks longer? Granted, the end result is the same for the viewer.
Yeah, as I said these arcs/"shake ups" rarely last long. So-far the longest lasting "shake-up" is the new Doclings and I'm still not certain how that's going to play out (considering they're STILL not in the opening credits sequence!)

But, Season 1 had Vogler, Season 2 had Forman as Boss, Season 3 had the (Shi)Tritter arc, Season 4 seemed to be the new Doclings, and now in Season 4 we had Wilson and House's "break-up."

And it played out nicely with Wilson "breaking-up" more to protect himself from getting hurt again than anything to do with House and his personality or anything like that. Played out nicely and this episode was a great way to bring them back together, House's figuring it out, and pushing Wilson until he snapped and came to the realization House is his friend.

Nicely played.

And, I'm partly convinced House's eulogy was sincere. House has a way of taking his sincerity and playing it off, or putting a twist on it to suit his needs.
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