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Re: House: 5x04 "Birthmarks" - Discussion and Spoilers

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It was in the episode.

Wilson goes into House's office, they talk, House shows him the DNA test, then Wilson says something, "Well we don't get to choose who our parents are. I'm not even sure we get to choose who our friends are..."

Not that it's any consolation for you, but the same thing happened to me. I don't recall everything after that point, but I do remember the two of them walking back out of House's office, House stops and says, "my dad died." in a voice that is somewhere between blankness and realization

Trekker, Menu->Series Options->House->Stop Recording->Five Minutes after.
I've adjusted my own recording as well, especially given that I did not record thre trailer.
This episode was a little longer than normal, I guess, so I suppose the cable boxes didn't get the memo and and weren't set automatically to be adjusted.

Well, I guess then that House and Wilson are "back together", I guess next week Wilson will be back as head of Oncology in the office across from House's balcony.


Anyway. This was a great episode and pretty much what I expected, that it would set into motion the series of events that brought House and Wilson "back together" as that writing was pretty much on the wall. (As I've said before, this show loves to maintain a certain status quo.)

But I loved this episode, I loved that Cuddy "pulled a House" on House by drugging him. From House's grin he liked it too. Good episode and shows a bit more deeper into House and his "father's" relatuonship and into House and Wilson's.

One of the better character-driven episodes of the series.

The POTW stuff mostly felt like filler -as it tends to be when the show bogs itself down with the chracter stuff- but interesting non-the-less. When they started focusing on her parents saying they didn't "have a daughter" I half-expected some-sort-of reveal that the girl was really male with undecended testes or something like that (though we've already had a patient on the show who was "immune to testosterone" and thus grew up female even though geneticly male) but the medical mystery was an interesting twist, none the less.

Good episode all around. I vote Excellent.
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