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Re: House: 5x04 "Birthmarks" - Discussion and Spoilers

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I think the show is still great, Laurie is still awesome, House is still a fascinating character, but if you watch any season one episode and then watch any season 2 and onward episode you can see a pretty big difference in how the show takes itself.
That's a pretty good assessment. I noticed a lot of what you're saying. The show does feel a lot more sensationalized now that it's a hit. Sometimes I do wish it was still the low-key mystery driven show it used to be.
Agreed on the difference between seasons, as I've noticed the same thing while watching reruns from S1 followed by a few S4 episodes. And like you 007, at times I wish it were less sensational and more like those earlier episodes. Yet I have to wonder how long the show would enjoy its ratings if it didnt' change in some way. Of course, next week's episode seems to amp up the sensationalism just a weeeee bit.
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