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Re: House: 5x04 "Birthmarks" - Discussion and Spoilers

I liked the road trip stuff. I was especially impressed when I saw that House was actually drugged and woke up to find that he was being driven to the funeral by Wilson. When House smiled, I'm sure a lot of people watching felt the same way. Another good moment was when House went up to the coffin to clip off a sample and Wilson with teeth clenched went all... "Jesus House what are you doing!!" on him. It was also nice to see that they managed to get R. Lee Ermey back to play a dead body.

By the way, what happened between Taub and his wife? Last I saw, she was surprising him with a car and things seemed good.

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The show's tone changed a lot in the second season and it seemed to take itself a little less seriously and now it seems the patients and medical mysteries are taking more and more of a back-seat as we get involved in the various characters' lives. I mean, hell, when was the last time we had a clinic patient? They we're half of the fun of the show!

I think the show is still great, Laurie is still awesome, House is still a fascinating character, but if you watch any season one episode and then watch any season 2 and onward episode you can see a pretty big difference in how the show takes itself.
That's a pretty good assessment. I noticed a lot of what you're saying. The show does feel a lot more sensationalized now that it's a hit. Sometimes I do wish it was still the low-key mystery driven show it used to be.
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