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Re: I have read Titan #1, #2, & #3...reading #4

I think what makes Titan so great to some and so ungreat to others is that it is so different. I'll be the first to admit that I find the crew to be too weird and varied at times. But that is also what Star Trek is at its core. New life and new civilizations. But the fact that Orion's Hounds explored so many characters is its strength, not its weakness. To me OH perfectly presents what Titan is. It is the entire mission and point. If you didn't like OH, I don't think you'll like Titan at all. Because if it changes, then the books are no longer about the mission and point that the series was launched with. So I think it's a little unfair to say OH was the worst of all of them. Of them all it showed the most about where the series is going. The first two were good, but they were more about the central characters we already know (Tuvok, Vale, Riker, Troi) for a reason; they were the launchpad. They had to come out and lock people in. With OH, Bennett started diving into the IDIC nature of the crew. Showing us who they all are and what they bring to the table. To call it the worst is basically saying you don't like the series. I say that because I think the stories will continue to flow that route (especially with Bennett coming back for book 5).
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