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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Good point on Geordi, things could always go the non-Starfleet way. But I'd also counter that some of the things that have happened since we saw that possible future could just have easily pushed him further INTO Starfleet. (And I know we could argue that since it was the future, these things happening how could be included, but then we'd be opening a HUGE can of worms and debate.)

I can see Starfleet judging the crisis and sending one ship, but I also sometimes see stuff like this as embracing the "hero ship" a little too much. I know the Enterprise is the flagship, but even so a little help can never hurt. I totally get the transphasic torpedos, but they were also ordered to avoid using them if possible. For it to be a last resort. It seems they would have a better shot at destroying a vessel by sending strength in numbers. That if they send three ships the level of engagement would reduce the need of having to use the torpedos. But again, when I read further on that small groan floated away.

And I truly get that about Kadohata. I'm merely saying that in earlier books it seemed less like she was having to make that choice. I thought you (Chris Bennett) did a good job showing that it was two distinct pieces of who she is (especially when her and Chen interacted), but other books made it seem less complicated. It seemed in earlier tomes that she was making the wrong decision. That she even partly felt that way. I know it must be insanely tough to write a character that is completely fiction, especially from author to author. I'm merely pointing out what I think of her as her whole story progresses. Some authors seem to exhibit that duality better than others. I'm not saying she loves her family less than Starfleet, I'm saying not all the authors have done a good job explaining that through internal monologue. And I agree she is doing just fine now, and I also thought you (Chris Bennett) did a good job humanising that she couldn't do them all and that she almost took it personally when they took things off her plate. That is pure Star Trek and humanity. But again, I don't get that from other authors telling her story. When I said she wasn't doing a very good job it was a comment on her being overworked and a little incapable of being Data, it wasn't a knock on character development (from you at least).

And Chen is endearing. I merely meant that if people were a little annoyed by her or thought she was abrasive then they were getting the point. She isn't a bad character, far from it. It's good storytelling to see someone who isn't the perfect Starfleet officer. It happens. That is why I loved DS9. The whole "frontier" thing played out very well for me. I liked seeing people making the decision a different way than I was used to seeing on TNG.

As I said before, I'm nitpicky. But it's served me well in various aspects. And Star Trek is something that I hold very dear, so I'll always be incredibly critical of its treatment at times. But I'll also be incredibly happy to read and point out things I think are great (like GTTS as a whole).
Everything stated above (unless otherwise noted) is my opinion and should be treated as such. You'll automatically fail in your response if you choose to ignore this message. That is all.

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