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Re: House: 5x04 "Birthmarks" - Discussion and Spoilers

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But didn't House himself seem less ascerbic to you?
Having watched some of the first season over again myself, it seemed the show took on a more farcical tone and House became more of a cartoon character himself as the series has progressed. In the first season he had plenty of moments of real humanity and compassion shining through.

The show's tone changed a lot in the second season and it seemed to take itself a little less seriously and now it seems the patients and medical mysteries are taking more and more of a back-seat as we get involved in the various characters' lives. I mean, hell, when was the last time we had a clinic patient? They we're half of the fun of the show!

I think the show is still great, Laurie is still awesome, House is still a fascinating character, but if you watch any season one episode and then watch any season 2 and onward episode you can see a pretty big difference in how the show takes itself.
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