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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Well, we learned something important about Spirodopoulos.

He's a leader - reluctant, perhaps, but definitely a leader.
DavidFalkayn wrote: View Post
Well, he got them on board--just and with more than a few misgivings from all concerned. Now...we'll see how this ad hoc "alliance" holds up.
He was a competent department head back on the Petraeus, and probably pretty good on AR-558, too--but there's always been a layer or two of top cover.

I think the seeds of something were always there, but now they'd better grow--quickly, because if the balance of power in this group shifts the wrong way...even if it's not awful, but just looks bad, there's going to be some serious trouble.
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