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Re: Alternate ending to the episode where neelix leaves

It was already clear by that time that Talaxians had the wanderlust bad. There had been that Talaxian convoy in "Basics", then a Talaxian at the edge of the Nekrit expanse in "Fair Trade", and everybody in the Delta Quadrant seemed to know of the spotty little species. Talaxian technology no doubt was up to the task of long interstellar journeys. Their contact with the distant Vaadwaur in the 15th century had not been a lopsided Talaxian defeat; with an apparent eight or nine centuries of space experience, it's no wonder they would be roaming the galaxy by now.

It was annoying to see some other species pop up all along the route of the Voyager, but the ubiquitous Talaxians never really bothered me. I was sort of expecting to see more of them in the late seasons, really.

Timo Saloniemi
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